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February 13, 2019

How SME’s can benefit from Digital Marketing in 2019

Nowadays, the world is practically a digital market place. Everything is bought and sold online.

At first, it seemed like only the little things could be sold or marketed digitally. But fast-forward to this present time, and you would notice that virtually everything is being marketed digitally.

The point here is that, whether you’re into a small, medium enterprise, or into big businesses, digital marketing is immensely beneficial to whatever it is you’re peddling.

The big brands, the top businesses, have all conquered conventional marketing. They have overloaded the traditional media and other channels available for marketing and a host of others. But the one most of them are yet to have a proper handle on is digital marketing.

Why? Because when we’re talking digital, there’s hardly any limit. Yes, they (big businesses) have the capacity and perhaps the reach, but the SME’s are the underdogs, and one of the best ways to come out on top, to increase your reach, to market your products or services is to plug into digital marketing. This is because, no matter how saturated the digi-sphere gets, it can never be saturated enough.

In digital marketing, the most innovative and creative implementations take the cake, and that changes every and any time.



Some of the benefits of digital marketing for SMEs include:

It is Cost Effective.

The very first thing that threatens any small or medium size business is the mention of added expenses. Be that as it may, when it comes to digital marketing, it is far cheaper than traditional marketing.

The latter will entail marketing on physical media (TV/radio) and so on and this doesn’t come cheaply. Whereas, for digital marketing, the amount spent will seem like a token when compared to that which will be expended for other forms of marketing.

Brand Awareness.

The world like we said earlier, has become a digital market place. At this present day and age, digital marketing is mainly beneficial in getting your brand out there. No matter how small your business may be, it will help to get your foot in the door.

The more persistent you are with pushing digital content that revolves around your business, the better your chances are of getting people aware of not just the company but also what it is all about.

Comments & Feedback.

Now that people are aware of your business, what next? You also need to know how they feel about it. This is where comments and feedback come into play. These things are vital for growth and development.

Digital marketing will help you get comments and feedback concerning your business that will be beneficial to you. With this feedback, you can figure out the areas in your business where you need to focus on, or perhaps where you need to re-structure to deliver products and services better.



In this current dispensation, it is significantly disadvantageous for any brand or business (especially SME’s) not to have a digital presence. Therefore, it is pertinent that small and medium size businesses exploit digital marketing to reap its benefits. Also, SME’s can in the long run attribute a significant amount of their business’s success to digital marketing when and if done right.

Safe to say, that the benefits of digital marketing are tremendous in value.