Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left

– Seth Godin

Not only does content get people talking – Google loves it too. Produce innovative content and see your rankings rise!
At Mibe we focus on your business’ audience, objectives and engagement, this enables us to create unique content that reflects your brand’s identity and goals.

Building Your Brand

The team at Mibe has the innovative edge when it comes to creating engaging content, and we encourage ideas from all areas of the business.

Choose us, and we’ll come up with a bespoke strategy to produce and elevate powerful content for your business.

Content marketing helps to achieve your marketing goals by creating a loyal fan base and building your brand. It is linked to other marketing channels such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Blogs, Paid Advertising, and your Website. As a result, customers form an opinion of your brand from every interaction they have with your business.

At Mibe, we understand that content is crucial to implementing a successful digital marketing strategy.

Why Content Marketing?

A content marketing strategy has to be a unique concept that will suit your audience, industry and objectives. A well-organised content strategy can bring many benefits such as brand awareness, positioning, SEO and ROI.

Content marketing is useful for all types of businesses. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business it is useful for identifying and building target audiences. An SEO, brand awareness or a social outreach strategy can provide ideas into audience’s wants, needs and current interests.

At Mibe, our strategies are bespoke and are tailored to build and strengthen relationships with customers, raise awareness and establish your business as a key player within the market!

Increase Brand Visbility

Great content can get your brand in front of potential advocates or customers. If they know you exist, they will know where to find you!

Position your business as an expert in your industry

By having regular, up-to-date and useful content your audience will see you as a major influencer within your industry. As you publish and promote content, you will gradually begin to position yourself as an expert on the topics that you focus on.

Develop strong relationships with your audience

By offering content to your audience that addresses their needs, answers any questions and is valuable to them, you are inviting them to engage with you and build a relationship.

Generates traffic to your site to improve lead generation

Content encompasses all parts of a digital marketing strategy. Whether it’d be SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing, great content will determine the success of your digital strategy and provide fast ROI.

Types of Content Marketing


eBooks are a long-form type of content that can be used to add value to customers or leads. eBooks are the best type of content to generate leads. That’s because they are gated, which means visitors must provide some type of information in exchange for the eBook.


Blogs are one of the most powerful types of content marketing and for good reason! Blogs are one of the best ways to improve SEO and drive organic traffic to your site.


Infographics will help you educate your audiences and provide useful and valuable information for leads and customers. For example, the visualisation of data allows viewers to have a better understanding of why something is valuable or how something works.

Press Releases

A press release is used to inform your visitors about the something, get their attention with the hope of some engagement whether it be a form completion or a share on social media. Press releases can boost your SEO, provide content variety, drive website traffic and generate online publicity.


Video is a great content marketing tactic because it can provide fast ROI. Statistics show that brands that use video expect to see an average increase of 157% in organic search traffic. Video also increases the time spent on a website!

Case Studies

Case studies are customer stories that illustrate how your business has helped a specific client experience success. You can use case studies to highlight key areas of your product or service or ways customers use your products or service to achieve a return on investment.

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