Email marketing is a direct marketing tool that can be a great way to retain customers whilst adding new ones into the mix.
It is all about knowing your customers and making sure you are sending each audience a message that resonates with them.

The team of specialists here at Mibe Digital will be able to work with you to identify, build, and implement an email marketing communication strategy with guaranteed results.

We know what works

Email Marketing
Here at Mibe Digital, we offer email marketing services that get clicks, opens, and most importantly, conversions for your business.

We’ll send your campaigns to the perfect audience, so that you’re always ahead of the trends.

We ensure that your email marketing sends a positive message to your audience, engages with their interests and keeps them coming back time and time again.

Our team of specialists will come up with a tailored plan for your organisation, providing you with monthly reports, so you can see the positive impact your emails are having.

Do I Need Email Marketing?

The answer is yes, as email marketing is consistently cited as one of, if not the marketing channel that consistently delivers the highest ROI. With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience.

A successful Email Marketing campaign will bring the following benefits:

  • Targeted Audiences. Customers benefit because you can customize messages for each customer depending on a segment to foster a higher conversion rate.
  • Increased Brand Awareness.  With strategic planning, smart design, and targeted content, your business will consistently build value.
  • Email Marketing is Cost effective. No print costs, no postage fees, no advertising rates. Email marketing is as affordable as marketing gets.

Real Results with Mibe Digital

We work with you to create stunning email marketing campaigns that are both visually stunning and actually convert.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Mibe Digital are experts in market sizing. We will define your audience and segment your data into specialist sectors. This will enable us to set up and manage targeted lead nurturing campaigns using industry leading tools.


Subject lines? Calls to Action? Encouraging readers to click? When to send an email campaign? Testing is essential. A/B testing as part of our strategy when it comes to email marketing services. At Mibe Digital we ensure your campaigns always get better and better.

Content for Email Marketing

Our email marketing team here at Mibe Digital will craft interesting & persuasive content that encourages your readers take action. It can sometimes be a time consuming process, but once you get it nailed on, the rewards are worth all the effort. From subject lines, to call to actions and informative content – we’ve got it covered. It’s just what we do!


At Mibe Digital, we pride ourselves on delivering results. Our email marketing services are focused on sending out campaigns that generate maximum ROI. You can expect to receive thorough, accurate reporting that gives your business all the insights needed to improve.

Get better Email Marketing results!

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